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The Pioneer Mercantile will be open May 3-7 from 9:00am-12:00noon and 1:00pm-3:00pm for book buyback.  Students who can return their books are encouraged to do so on these dates.  Additionally, to accommodate those students who cannot return during this period we will hold a buy back in the Summer.  

Book Buy Back is always held during finals week at the end of every semester and we buy books during this time frame ONLY. There is no guarantee of a buy back; however Pioneer Mercantile strives to buy back as many textbooks as possible. Once quantity requirements have been met, any books with national demand may be bought from one of the other 3 companies we partner with. Nursing books are not eligible for book buy back by the Pioneer Mercantile. Price quotes are based on “new” books, “used” books will be less. Pioneer Mercantile reserves the right to deny a buy back based upon the condition of the book.


Please use this link  for Book BuyBack if your books can't be bought by the Pioneer Mercantile. 

This is an independant company and prices are set as per their policies.  MCC has no influence in the pricing set by this company.


Thank you for visiting Pioneer Mercantile! We’re glad you’re here!

At Pioneer Mercantile you will be able to find a variety of Miles Community College clothing and general merchandise items as well as the textbooks that match your courses for the upcoming term. Pioneer Mercantile accepts all major credit cards.

Course materials serve as tools of the trade to inform students and guide them toward subject mastery and classroom success. All course materials are selected by the instructors and ordered accordingly.

We also offer select titles available for rental, in-store only, and have a wide selection of textbooks in digital format. To purchase a digital version of your textbook visit the E-Book link located at the top of this page.

Thank you again from the staff of Pioneer Mercantile, Miles Community College’s Campus Store!